Isn't funny how life changes?

Last Year at Christmas, I was making bath bombs for my family and friends.
This year I am the owner of a bath bomb company with a 'pretty alright' name and logo.

I have found the secret to happiness! You have to want it. Once I tell you, it will be up to you to share it.

It's called a bath!! Yup, that's right.
The Romans' bathed for pleasure and relaxation. From then on, people have been doing it for centuries.

Our world needs more bathers! Bathing is not only about the body but it is about the mind also.

Bathing + Bath bombs = Happiness(simple..!!)

So I'm not just selling the bath bomb, I'm creating the unique experience for those who need a little relaxation.

We all know someone, right?

Need something unique to fit the occasion, person, place or event?
Send me a message, I have a Cricut and there is nothing I can't do.